A visible sign against violence against women was set in Neulengbach.

Paul Schober (Verein GeSoB), Katharina Loisel-Thanmayer (Verein Frauenzentrum), Erwin Hayden-Hohmann (Caritas Männerberatung St. Pölten), Anna Sonnleitner (Gewaltschutzzentrum Niederösterreich), Alexander Grohs (Neustart), die beiden Organisatorinnen des Abends, Gerlinde Blemenschitz-Kramer und Michaela Schmitz, Stadträtin Maria Rigler und Vizebürgermeister Paul Mühlbauer. Foto Maria Hörmandinger

The global campaign “16 days against violence against women” takes place every year from 25 November to 10 December. In a joint initiative by several organisations, an event on the topic of violence and violence prevention was organised by Paul Schober (GeSoB association), Gerlinde Blemenschitz-Kramer and Michaela Schmitz on Friday, 24.11.2023 at 18:00 in the district office of the Red Cross Neulengbach, Rettungsgasse 1. The Lower Austria Violence Protection Centre, the St. Pölten Women’s Centre Association, the Neustart Association and the Caritas Men’s Counselling Service were also present. The aim was to raise awareness of domestic violence, a topic that is often kept quiet, and to present preventative measures.

“Our aim is to talk about domestic violence in a safe environment and to highlight possible courses of action for everyone involved,” explained Paul Schober. It is important to find out about ways out, protection and help options in order to break the spiral of violence. The experts presented current data: In 2023 alone, there were 24 suspected femicides, 40 attempted murders and serious acts of violence against women in Austria.

Look, act and help!

Civil courage and the right way to deal with signs of violence were discussed at the event. It is important to act without endangering oneself and to seek help in good time. Participants were given information on contact points such as the Lower Austrian women’s helpline and the women’s helpline against violence.

Finally, reference was made to the EU project Mariposa, which offers extensive resources for prevention work. This event in Neulengbach was intended to help raise awareness of domestic violence and promote collective solutions. Conny Poell played songs appropriate to the topic at the event.

Also present were:

If there are signs of domestic violence:

  • Act and help
  • Take care to protect yourself, no unnecessary risks
  • Call for help, in case of danger call the police immediately
  • involve the surrounding area, talk to neighbours
  • Interrupt the violence.
  • Talk to those affected, point out offers of help.

Lower Austrian women’s hotline 0800 800 810
Women’s helpline against violence 0800 222 555
Police 133
Rescue 144

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Photos Maria Hörmandinger

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