Perspektivenwechsel 2017 – Symbol work in basic education

The development of Symbol work for basic education continues the experiences of the previous projects “Perspektiven Bildung Österreich” and “Perspektivenwechsel: Perspektivenbildung 2016”, in which learning scenarios on “social learning” and “achieving goals” were developed for young people. and were used for the first time in the field of basic education.

In continuation of 2017, previous results were evaluated and participants of the past years were interviewed in a written survey about the experiences and application of Symbol work in basic education. This comprehensive analysis of the already developed framework and tools were the starting point for a revision of the basic concept and for addditional offers. This enabled more precise and improved learning goals of the train-the-trainer courses and the respective learning scenarios.

This was followed by a development meeting and development workshops with the project partners and a piloting of the training through two Train the Trainer workshops in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The workshops were coordinated with the partner ZeMiT, jointly advertised and conducted by Margot Cammerlander and Paul Schober.

The primary target group were trainers of basic training courses who wanted to improve their skills. The secondary target group and the actual beneficiaries were the participants in basic education programs.

Project duration

March till December 2017

Project Partners

BFI Tirol
Centre for Migrants in Tirol (ZeMiT)
BFI Oberösterreich
Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und Bildung (GeSoB)


The project Perspektivenwechsel 2017 was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education (BMB).