The primary goal of “Playful Paths for Re-Employment” is to significantly empower women who are rejoining the workforce after dedicating years to being stay-at-home mothers. This project aims to enhance the women’s control over their career and personal goals, thereby enabling them to navigate their career paths more consciously and effectively. A crucial aspect of the project is to assist these women in finding a harmonious balance between work and life, facilitating a smoother transition back into the professional world.


Adapting and customizing existing career and life coaching techniques for this target group.

  • Symbolwork: A coaching and therapy method used in social and youth work.
  • Folk Tale Work: A method for activating internal resources, originating from Hungary.
  • Playwork: An English method supporting children’s play, which is adaptable for adults in the home environment.


  • Online Curriculum: for counselors and trainers, including modules suitable for stay-at-home mothers.
  • Resource Guide: a guide on these methods for training purposes.
  • International Training Event: training session for trainers from various countries.
  • National Blended Training: Online and face to face training sessions for women and consultants in each country.



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