Perspektivenwechsel 2018

In the context of the strategy for lifelong learning, the network project “Perspektivenwechsel 2018” aimed at advancing the development of methods for use in basic education in order to increase the scope of action of trainers in basic education.

GeSoB focused on workshops for the professionalization of trainers and the development of methods and materials for use in basic education. Symbol work is an effective method for basic education to support people in finding their goals, to strengthen motivation and to discover skills and resources. Symbol work seeks and finds solutions when the language is not available. Own learning goals are found and described, the way to achieve them is planned together. This strengthens the learners’ autonomy.

Within the project, which had already proven its success in previous years, two further Train-the-Trainer workshops were again held in Tyrol and Lower Austria in the autumn of 2018, which enabled practitioners to become acquainted with new methods and to reflect and exchange ideas.

The workshops were aimed at trainers in basic education who wanted to improve their skills and met the requirements of the “Adult Education Initiative” and were therefore creditable as advanced training.

The workshops were coordinated with the partner ZeMiT, jointly advertised and conducted by Margot Cammerlander and Paul Schober.

Project duration

February till December 2018

Project Partners

BFI Tirol
Centre for Migrants in Tirol (ZeMiT)
BFI Oberösterreich
Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und Bildung (GeSoB)


The project Perspektivenwechsel 2017 was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMB).