Change of perspectives (2016)

In 2016, the project Perspektivenbildung:Perspektivenwechsel (Change of perspectives) continued the successful work of the predecessor project PerspektivenBildung:Österreich (2012-2017). In the current project GeSoB, together with its partners BFI Oberösterreich, BFI Tirol and ZeMiT (Centre for Migrants in Tirol), opens up new perspectives, approaches and methods for the trainer’s everyday work in the basic education sector with practice-proven approaches.

While the partners from Upper Austria and Tyrol deal with theatre-pedagogy and transcultural reflection and guidance and develop and test workshop concepts and teaching materials, GeSoB is dedicated to the application of a low-threshold learning and counselling approach for basic education using symbols.

“What is the problem? What should be different? How should it be? How do I get there?” Symbol work seeks and finds solutions when the language for this is not available. The aim of the symbol work method is to give people a language through symbols when words are missing. Symbols can be used as interpreters in the basic education.

As GeSoB experts trained in symbol work, Margot Cammerlander and Paul Schober have developed workshop concepts, a curriculum and corresponding teaching material and tested them in 2-day workshops in Tyrol and Upper Austria. The implementation was prepared by a development workshop in Linz in order to incorporate the experiences of the target group and of trainers of basic education.

The offer was addressed to trainers of basic education who use low-threshold methods of goal clarification, resource work and reflection on existing competences.

Project duration

March till December 2016

Project Partners

BFI Tirol
Centre for Migrants in Tirol (ZeMiT)
BFI Oberösterreich
Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und Bildung (GeSoB)


The project PerspektivenBildung: PerspektivenWechsel was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Women (BMBF).