Playful Paths Training for Counsellor supporting WoMen


14.04.2023 - 16.04.2023    


Rogers Foundation
6 Beethoven Street, Budapest, 1126


Call for free participation at the

Playful Paths Train the trainer


14-16 April, Budapest, Hungary

What is the goal of Playful Paths project and the training?

The goal of this project is to strengthen the agency of women, who are reentering the labour force after years of being stayhome mothers. While we cannot change the systemic failures and problems of the labour market, by strengthening women’s control about their career and personal goals and personal competencies, as well as assist them in finding a better approach to work-balance harmony, we would like to empower them for a more conscious career planning.

What the training course will be about?

During the training course the participants will experience and learn new methods to work with women:

Who are the coordinators of the event?

The trainers:

  • Dr Paul Schober, a PHD in economics, post graduated academic education management, and is a trained symbolwork counsellor.
  • Dr Virág Suhajda, PhD in communication, trainer, certified person-centred counsellor, Metamorphosis folk tale therapy counsellor, psychodynamic dance and movement therapist and symbolwork counsellor.
  • Kamil Maciaszek, MA of education and speech therapy, playworker and trainer.

Whom are we inviting to participate?

We would like you to have:

  • experience in working with women (either in non-gender specialized circumstances)
  • working knowledge of English (as the training will be in English)
  • have a counsellor / coach / psychologist / mental health / trainer practioners training and/ or experience
  • to be able to reach out to women to practice the learned methods in order to feed back

When exactly the training event will take place?

14-15-16 April (starting 11.00 at 14th, finishing at 15.30 at 16th April)

How  to apply?

Please send your interest to:

The travel, accommodation and course costs are funded by the Erasmus+ program!


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